just a couple of goblinNY geezers 

That's us. Goblin Boss Games. New to the game but not new to games. Contrary to popular belief, we are actually not Goblins. Niek is too tall for that. We also aren't green. We are, however, extremely committed and look forward to any challenges that get thrown at us. Much like the unquenchable thirst for war that goblins have, except we'd like to think we're less expendable. 

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A Game Designer from the Netherlands with a passion for all things fantasy. Except for the Eragon film. Niek does a good UI, dips it in UX, and adds a sprinkling of unique 2D art over the top. Niek is also good at giving feedback for the design of most things, including but not limited to: Games, posters, door handles, restaurant menus, prison layouts, hydroelectric dams, in-flight entertainment menu systems, oyster card top-up machine ports of Skyrim and Dreamcast memory stick UI.

A Narrative Designer from the UK with a passion for all things SciFi. Charlie handles the writing and the more boring, businessy side of things. Any writing or even the slightest implementation of words within the English language, Charlie can oblige your needs. Narrative design services include: Web copy, scripts, flavour text, stories, tombstone engraving, catchphrases, writing in the sand, random letters, coffee mug one-liners - if it has words in it, Charlie does a good’un with some o’ them ones.




Android/ iOs -  OUT NOW

Aztec Golfing was Goblin Boss’s first foray into the work-for-hire world. We took over in June and now the game is coming soon to Android and IOS. Featuring 50+ levels, 40+ unlocks and fully customisable characters!

heroes of congress

Android/ Chromecast - 2016

This is a social deduction game that pits Peacekeepers against warmongers in a battle to see who is the biggest backstabbing liar of all your friends. Right now it's only on Chromecast, and as cool as that is, we're porting it to mobile and PC soon so stay posted.  

Escape From Death Moon

coming soon

This is our in-house project currently in development. It's a dodge ball game in space. On an exploding moon. We're pretty sure professional dodge ball is very similar to this. I mean, we were basically allergic to sport as kids so our visions of real life sport may be slightly obscured, but we're 99% on this one. 


We have a talented dev team, happy to provide any services you need - subject to availability. Contact us for rates.

Our skills and services:

  • Design

    • Design consultation

    • Art

    • Paper prototyping

  • Prototyping

    • Light and heavy prototyping

    • Git integration

  • Writing

    • Narrative design consultation

    • Script and document writing

    • Character creation

  • Documentation

    • Game Design Document (GDD) creation

    • Pitch Deck

For anything mentioned above, or something so obscure it doesn't qualify for being on the list, and everything in between - send us an email: info@goblinboss.com


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